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Attack Bottom Brackets

Machined out of a unique titanium alloy, our BB spindles have greater strength and longevity than those made of 6AL 4V. Our tapered spindle BB is the lightest in the world. The spindle is hollow from end to end with standard 8 x 1.0 mm internal threads for the crank bolts. Action-Tec introduced the 6903-2RS sealed cartridge bearings used on our BB. The BB comes with steel bolts and washers, choice of red, blue, black or polished laser etched aluminum anodized cups, 3.5mm spacers, titanium spindle in 7 lengths from 107mm to 132mm, your choice of three different 6903-2RS bearings SKF, KYK, or the new Enduro Max Wet Weather, 3 lugged installation wrench, anti-seize compound, 73mm BB shell spacers, Action-Tec sticker and precise instructions. Weight: 134 gr - 156 gr.
Ti Straight BB Spindles (Not Shown)

Made with the same unique titanium alloy as our Attack Bracket spindles, these straight ground 17mm O.D. spindles are just as strong. An added benefit over the Attack Bracket Spindle is that these can be shifted to adjust for chain line. Using our machined alloy collars to lock the spindles in place makes this spindle more versatile when changing components, cranks or bicycles. They are also used as replacement spindles for some models of Fisher, Klein, Merlin, or any manufacturer that uses a 17mm straight BB spindle. Weight: 73 gr - 101gr.
Dry Valve

The Dry Valve was designed to eliminate water contamination of the BB bearings. It is inserted into the bottom of the bottom bracket shell at the lowest place in the bicycle frame, were the water collects. Includes valve insertion tool. Weight: 2 gr.
Straight Spindle Collars

CNC machined from 2024 aluminum, these collars stop the spindle from shifting from side to side. They have two SS set screws located 120 degrees apart. Weight: 28 gr / pair.