“The rush of adrenaline is worth the risk.”


Pro Shock® Suspension Fork, Springs, Stems, Fork Ends, Boots and Hydraulic Unit

Attack Bottom Brackets, Spindles, Dry Valve and Collars

Bearings & Cups, Pedal Spindles, Crank Bolts & Washers, BB Wrenches

Titanium & Steel Chain Rings and Bolts

Titanium Cog Sets

Taya Pro-Relief Chain Maintenance Kit

Tools and Accessories

ELS Clothing

Action-Tec Clothing

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P.O. Box 387 Silverado, CA 92676

Email: actiontec@cox.net

Phone: 714.710.9026

Action-Tec / ELS Caps

These caps are the highest quality available. The Action-Tec logo is up front, the ELS logo on the rear, and “Expensive Lightweight S*#t” in very small script on the sides (team caps only). Available in five different color schemes.
ELS Sweatshirts

Made of 100% cotton, these long sleeve sweatshirts are the finest available. White, with virtually no shrinkage when washed, warm and fuzzy inside. They’ll keep you toasty in the most uncomfortable wind and cold conditions.
ELS T-Shirts

Made with the best Hanes Beefy T’s 100% cotton material. The ELS logo stands out on the back center and on the front left with a wave array of red and blue, and a black outline. These three color shirts are available in white only.