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Pro Shock® Suspension Fork
This fork will outlast and outperform any fork in it's field. Our fork is considered a short-travel cross-country design. With 2.375" of full travel, it feels like a fork with over 3" of travel. Inner and outer chrome silicon counter wound steel springs carry the load, plus an adjustable crossover tube for the final travel of the fork. Dampening is hydraulic. The Pro-Shock is designed to use standard 1.25" threaded head set and a 1.125" clamp on stem. The Pro-Shock is a light-weight high-performance, no maintenance fork with incredible steering and braking control and two years of guaranteed support from Action-Tec.
Weight: 1179 gr - 1312 gr.

Fork Ends

These chromoly cast fork ends are for tig welding or braising. They have an O.D. of 22mm and Nater Lugs. Weight: 16 gr each.

Pro Shock Boots

These Proshock boots are made of butal rubber, with reasonable care will last the life of your fork. availible in these three brilliant colors

Pro Shock Hydraulic Unit

The heart of our Pro Shock suspension fork is now available for custom frame builders or anyone wanting to build a suspension fork for specific use.
Weight: 605 gr.