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Titanium Chain Rings

Our Chain Rings are CNC cut from titanium alloy, then CNC machined to .071" thick at the tooth area, spot faced and hand finished to a brilliant silver nickel finish. They weigh nearly the same as an aluminum CR, but will last 5 times longer. The machined edges stay sharp to ensure quick shifts and promote long chain life. Weight: 18 gr - 96 gr. Check price list for available sizes.

Heat Treated Titanium CRs

We begin with our CNC machined Titanium Chain Rings. We then heat treat them for extra durability and a Rockwell hardness of 50 on the C scale. This process also produces a change in color. No chain ring will last longer than this one.
Weight: 18 gr - 96 gr.

Titanium Ringleader

An affordable alternative to our ELS line, the Ringleaders are machined from 6/4 Titanium. In smaller sizes only. Weight: 15 gr - 32 gr.
Stainless Steel CRs

An inexpensive inner chain ring made of 17-4 stainless steel in smaller sizes only. Weight: 30 gr - 51gr.
CNC Machined form 6/4 titanium alloy, these bolts deliver the highest strength to weight ratio. Sold in sets of five. Note: Be sure to always use anti-seize compound on threads.
Weight: 7 gr / set.
 Titanium Chain Ring Bolts
Titanium Pinch Bolts

Our Ti Pinch Bolts are CNC Machined from 6/4 titanium alloy, and then hand finished for maximum strength and light weight. Note: Always use anti-seize compound on threads. Weight: 8 gr / pair.