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Titanium Cog Sets
Our Titanium Cog Sets feature our own unique “Shark Tooth” design. This tooth configuration needs no shifting ramps, delivering flawless gear changes with or without high pedal power as when climbing and downshifting. With our non gated cogs, the cog will not grab the chain and make a ghost shift. Our cogs are separate from each other. This transmits power directly to the hub without the need for a spider. This allows a change of any cog due to damage, wear or a change in your gear ratio, without changing the complete cog set. And, with our “Shark Tooth” design, every tooth has a point, not a flat on top like other cogs. So when the chain makes a shift it can't ride the top of the flats, delaying the shift. It drops on one side or the other, completing the shift.
Weight: 136 gr - 237gr.
Our Titanium Cog Sets include our special non floating, sealed cartridge bearing jockey pulley. This pulley plays an important part in the smooth shifting of the cog set. The pulley’s hub is bolted solid to the lower derailleur arm. The sealed cartridge bearing is pressed onto this hub, then the outer wheel is pressed onto the outer race of the bearing. This design totally eliminates any side play even if the bearing wears a little.

Action-Tec’s 11 Tooth Titanium Cog is included. This little beauty drops weight and kicks your gears up a notch. It comes with a special spacer for 7, 8, or 9 speed Shimano compatible cassette bodies. It’s constructed as a one piece lockring and cog. You don’t need a lockring with this cog.